What did you rehearse?

30 January 2006 at 3:56 am 2 comments

Today we started by working on “Anchored to the Truth,” a two-part choir piece that my wife’s grandfather sent to me from California. It is written in neat manuscript, but has no composer or arranger listed. It makes me think it was done by someone in the L.A. music business because it looks like the copy was done by a professional arranger and engraver.

Next we read through Lindy Kirby’s tasteful arrangement of Hymn 127, “Does the Journey Seem Long.” I like this hymn because the verses, written by Joseph Fielding Smith, progressively give a lesson on turning to the Savior in trials. The tune has some unusual harmonies for a hymn; it briefy modulates from Eb Major to C minor and then back to Eb at the end of the verse. Kirby’s arrangement presents the words of the hymn as written while at the same time allowing the piano to have its own part. She also adds variety to the vocal textures by switching from unison to two-part, and four-part harmonies. The main challenge is helping the choir sing the four parts without the support of the piano, since it is playing arpeggios and counterpoint.

Finally, since it is the year of Mozart, we sang through “Jesus, Savior” from “The Choirbook.” It is subtitled as “AVE VERUM” though I would imagine Mozart probably wrote more than one Ave Verum. Although I have done this several times already in ward choir, I still enjoyed working on it again.

For anyone reading this, what did you rehearse?


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  • 1. Nancy del Plain  |  1 February 2006 at 3:55 am

    Most of our choir’s favorite standards come from “The Choirbook.” It has several wonderful pieces that are easy enough to produce in just a few rehearsals, and they fit into many themes.

    I like Hymnal Plus, but the modulations frequently throw the choir off. They haven’t been as easy as I thought they would be.

    We all love Sally DeFord’s music, but I find it too difficult for our choir to prepare in just the 2 or 3 rehearsals we get before singing. I try to start preparing it months before, but it usually gets crowded out by the present month’s number that isn’t getting learned quickly enough. They just can’t learn pieces fast enough to attempt more that 1 or 2 difficult pieces per year.

  • 2. LisaVilask  |  21 January 2007 at 8:42 am

    Hey I must say – very well done. really


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