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I’m now choir pianist… long time no post!

So it has been an embarrassingly long time since my last post. I am no longer ward choir director, and went for several years as a ward choir member. Now I am ward choir pianist. For my post back from the dead I thought I would highlight a series of books that our ward choir has been using over the past few months that I’ve really enjoyed, Hymn Arrangements for the LDS Choir. We have Volume 1 and Volume 2. When searching for these, I just found there is also a Volume 3. These arrangements are by Linda Chapman and Bonnie Heidenreich, whom I did not know before playing these arrangements.

I’m highlighting these because I have been really pleasantly surprised with how creative they are and how fun they have been to put together. These are similar to the Hymnplicity or Hymnals+ arrangements in that you only need to buy a copy of the music for the choir director and the pianist — the parts are included in the book and may be copied. The arrangements have a lot of character and at the same time are not overly difficult (although some of the piano parts are challenging).

UPDATE: As mentioned in the comments, these are now all available for FREE! See


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