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What we’re working on

Currently our ward choir is working on a nice SATB arrangement of Be Still, My Soul, arranged by Larry Beebe (I’m the accompanist, and I will need to work on the right hand triplets!). The Beebes are actually not far from us, up in Independence, Missouri, while we are in Lee’s Summit. Both in Jackson County.

For a funeral tomorrow I am accompanying a solo male singer and violinist on Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee, arranged by Tabernacle Choir organist Bonnie Goodliffe. It is intended for choir, but I think it would work well either for a choir or soloist/duet. It is a nice simple, but solid arrangement that can be put together quickly, although I admit I struggle a little with the C flats in the opening section since it starts in G flat major (6 flats).

So that is what we are currently working on. Please share what your choir is doing.


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Updates and a new ward choir website

I have finally updated the links on the Great Sources of Choir Music page. I was looking for some arrangements for a funeral and realized that many of the links have gone the way of the web and have disappeared, or moved somewhere I cannot find. The list should no longer have any dead links. I’ve also added a link to which is an amazing index where you can search across many sites!

On a positive note, I recently received a nice email from Michael Young, a music teacher, composer and member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! He recently started a site for his ward choir arrangements called The Song of the Righteous. It can be found at:

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